Prof. Ng WunJern
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Prof. Ng WunJern Profile

Prof. Ng WunJern

Executive Director
Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute

Professor Ng founded and is Executive Director at the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute. NEWRI, a globally ranked environmental engineering research organization, covers technology development, de-risking, education, industry and community interface, and full-scale applications. Capabilities include modeling and visualization, membranes, biotechnology, chemistry and materials, and sludge and solid waste management, with laboratory to large-scale demonstration facilities.

Ng's research in water, wastewater and waste management focuses on quality, treatment science, and technology development. His some 400 publications include journal papers, presentations, chapters and monographs, reports, trade secrets, and patents. IPs commercialized include the aeSBR, anSBR, aeMSBR, Hybridan, Anfil, deep shaft aerator, flocculator, and anaerobic digestion technologies.

Ng has extensive industry involvement, having implemented his research outcomes in some 130 full-scale wastewater treatment facilities - the largest having 1.2million ep capacity. Ng has served as Chairman in his spin-off companies and an international consulting firm, and advises multi-national companies.

Ng leads NEWRI's philanthropic efforts and works with communities with need for good sanitation and water in Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, India, and Bhutan. Completed projects include bank filtration water supply, lake clean-up, and wastewater treatment.