Maysoon Sharif
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Maysoon Sharif

Managing Director, Asia, Principal
Water treatment for the World

Maysoon Sharif is the founder of AguaClara LLC, a social enterprise born out of Cornell University, where for the past decade the Environmental Engineering program has been producing designs for municipal-scale, nonelectric water treatment technologies. AguaClara was created to deliver safe water on tap to communities everywhere through innovative, affordable solutions.

Since 2005, the AguaClara program at Cornell has designed and helped implement 11 water treatment plants in Honduras, serving 52,000 people in all. In 2012, AguaClara LLCwas founded to provide the professional engineering services required to disseminate AguaClara technologies worldwide. As part of the company's first contract, AguaClara supported an Indian NGO in implementing four small-scale treatment plants utilizing various AguaClara technologies to purify water from lowland sanitary wells in Jharkhand, India. Maysoon was a principal designer of the technologies implemented in Jharkhand, and she oversaw the fabrication, installation, and startup of the systems in the field. She also assisted in the development of the training program that allowed AguaClara to fully hand over the projects to the beneficiary communities. The Jharkhand projects serve a total of 2,000 people, and as of August 15, 2015, the communities are operating and maintaining the systems independently.