ROLE PLAYERS 2019 - Nicolas Keutgen

Nicolas Keutgen

Chief Innovation Officer

Nicolas Keutgen began his career with Schréder in 2010, working in the Americas and Central & Eastern Europe before becoming Chief Innovation Officer in 2016. Based in Belgium, Nicolas leads R&D, product design and smart initiatives across the 40+ countries where Schréder is active.

His dedication to the company goes back much further: founded over a century ago, Schréder is a family-run company and Nicolas represents the fourth generation to be involved. His experience of working worldwide has resulted in a passion for smart cities, sustainability and innovation. Building on Schréder’s pioneering work lighting roads, tunnels, and illuminating monuments he and his team created a vision known as Lightability™.

Pushing back the limits of traditional public lighting, Schréder extended its expertise by transforming lighting in a tangible and open smart cities enabler. As such, Lightability™ means to help the elected leaders of communities to design the best solutions that fit their community’s aspirations, applications and needs.

Nicolas’ involvement in various social entrepreneurship projects, makes him a believer in the transformative power of light helping to create safe, inclusive spaces that improve accessibility- another key aspect of Lightability™.

Prior to joining Schréder, Nicolas worked for 10 years with Schneider Electric in a wide variety of capacities. He holds a management engineering degree from the UniversitéCatholique de Louvain as well as a CEMS Master’s degree from ESADE, Barcelona