ROLE PLAYERS 2019 - Dr. Lakshmi Newton

Dr. Lakshmi Newton

Life Foundation & Quantum Life University

Turning Points:
The first turning point in her life occurred when she was barely 3 years old, when she saw a poor animal, which had no clue about what was in store for it, waiting to be sacrificed for the Goddess at the temple. At that moment, a feeling of love and care for all animals and fellow beings stirred deep within her and the seed of transformation was sown. The second turning point in her life occurred when she read the book ‘Bliss Divine’ by Swami Sivananda. As she grew up, her love and care towards animals grew stronger and she had a strong feeling that she has to do something for their welfare.She requested her parents not to eat meat. Gradually they too realized that we are supposed to care for all sentient beings around us and help them in their evolutionary process.

The third turning point was when her life underwent a transformation when she met Dr. Newton in 1987 at the Kurnool Medical College where they were studying for their M.B.B.S. They finally tied the knot in the year 1996.

Marked by dignity and seriousness, Dr. Lakshmi G V is the mainspring behind Dr. Newton’s strength and success.She specializes in Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work, Rebirthing Breath-work, Family Constellation-Transgenerational Healing and other forms of alternative healing and therapy and has been his constant companion in this field since then.

Together, they started the Life Research Academy in the year 2000 and since then she has been globe-trotting with him all around the world, assisting Dr. Newton as his co-presenter, engaging herself in all his activities, presenting seminars as well as teaching Past Life Regression and related forms of alternative therapies and meditation.She has also co-authored the book, ‘The Science of Past Life Regression’ with him.

Dr. Lakshmi is the Founder of the organisation ‘Angels of the Earth’, which is solely dedicated to caring for the animals. Each issue of this magazine is dedicated to one particular animal, for its voice to be heard by the whole human race. The first issue was dedicated to Dolphins and Whales - the angels of the ocean.

She has been a Vegetarian by choice since the tender age of 2 and has been passionately spreading the message of Love, Compassion and Companionship with Animals through the website and magazine ‘Voice of the Animals’. She works relentlessly to increase awareness about kinship with the Animal and Plant Kingdom.

She is theCo-Founder of Life Research Academy andCo-Founder of Quantum Life Universityand alsothe Founder and Chief Editor of the magazine ‘Voice of The Animals’,Vice-president of the Association of Regression and Reincarnation Research.

Along with Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi has co-foundedThe Life University, a Global Centre for learning Spiritual Science, modelled on the lines of the ‘Takshashila and ‘Nalanda University’. The sole purpose of Life University is to ‘Awaken Wisdom Within’ and be a beacon of light to humanity ushering in a new way of living based on awakening Innate Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy.

She also teaches many women and children related subjects in the Soul Coach Training Programs for ex. Spiritual Pregnancy, Conscious parenting, Child abuse etc.

Demure, unperturbed, poised and self-assured she acts as acornerstone for all the activities, meticulous planning and decisions undertaken by her co-workers, acting as a grounding force through her pragmatic mind set and impeccable understanding of the nature of things.

If Dr. Newton is a creative channel then Dr. Lakshmi is his sole/ soul Inspiration.