ROLE PLAYERS 2018 - Anthea Rossouw-Woodard

Anthea Rossouw-Woodard

Founder & Programme Leader
The Dreamcatcher Foundation South Africa

Founder of Dreamcatcher South Africa and ARA-UK, Anthea is an enterprise developer, stakeholder engagement practitioner and philanthropist, working on initiatives which address the impact of socio-economic and environmental challenges. Working across South Africa and the South of England, Anthea applies a pluralist approach to sustainable economic development, deliberately aspiring to impact positively and grow local society. Dreamcatcher initiatives have become synomymous with 'Out of the box' thinking and innovation to facilitate a circular economy, which includes re-imagining the use of local resources.

Cor principles considered to facilitate sustainability such as inclusivity, fair access, well being, environmental impact and developing duplicable models to sustainable development, are cornerstones of projects and related activities. As a result of the profound positive changes in prospects for many people in communities involved in projects spearheaded by Anthea across South Africa, she is called the Peoples Dreamcatcher by the locals