Yuri R. Obst
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Yuri R. Obst Profile

Yuri R. Obst

Founder & Acting CEO

Yuri Obst, chemical engineer and environmental scientist founded the Baleen technology during his doctorate study while employed at the University of South Australia. During which time Yuri completed some 27-projects spanning Cleaner Production directives prior to taking on the role of Managing Director for Baleen Filters Pty Limited.

Baleen, the technology and start-up company of same name, stemmed from these directivesin 1999 and with commercial support from the University's incubatorprogram successfully stepped into export markets in 2004. Some 200+ installations involving food & beverage, mining and municipal applications now span Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and North America.

Yuri's vision of a cleaner, greener future to wastewater infrastructure remains steadfast gaining much acclaimand many accolades across the globe. The most notable achievement being recognition that Baleen's unique approach to 'Ending Marine Pollution' offersa unique 'Solution to Climate Change'.In just two steps fit-for-purpose wateris reclaimed for sustainable food production, while waste is simultaneously recovered for renewable energy generation.

Through2016 to 2018, Yuri's continued pursuit for a shift in paradigm from today's ever-prevalent extractive economy to one of circular merit based upon improved Water management is steadily gaining awareness across the Globe.