Ahmed Said Hilal Al Barwani
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Ahmed Said Hilal Al Barwani Profile

Ahmed Said Hilal Al Barwani

Water Resources Expert
AMinistry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resoures

Eng. Ahmed has a BSc.(Hons) degree in Water Resources Management from U.K. He has more than 35 years of work experience in both groundwater and surface water assessment and management. He supervised and commission many projects especially in water resources monitoring. He participated in local, regional and international conferences both in presenting scientific papers and organizing the events. Ahmed presented papers in several international conferences in water resources management and also flood monitoring, mitigation and harvesting. He worked with the ESCAP/WMO typhoon committee and Panel of Tropical cyclone (PC) on the Project Synergized Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) for Coastal Multi-Hazards Early Warning System, He is also a coordinator for the Oman National Committee for International Hydrology Programme (Ihp) where he organises meetings and seminars for the committee and co-ordinate with the government of Oman and the Ihp Secretary in Paris. He is also active member of Oman Water Society. Oman Water Society (OWS) is a non-profitable non-governmental organization (NGO) found by professionals working in both Government and Private Sectors who are involved in the water management, water supply and water projects.