Award Categories
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» Award for Industries in Water Sector
» Award for NGO/Community Participation and Urban Local
Bodies in Water Sector
» Award for Science & Technology in Water Sector
» Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative
» Best Marketing Campaign
» Best new brand or business
» Best Packaging Design
» Best Packaging Innovation
» Best still or Sparkling/flavoured water
» Best water management practices
» Carbon Reduction Initiative of the Year
» Community Project of the Year
» Conservation & Efficiency Award
» Customer Satisfaction Initiative of the Year
» Education
» Excellence in Sustainable Water Management Award
» Excellence in Water Efficiency Award
» Government Agency / Water Utility
» Greenscape Management
» Health & Safety Initiative of the Year
» Infrastructure Innovation Award
» Leakage Initiative of the Year
» Most Innovative New Technology of the Year
» Most Innovative Use of an Existing Technology
» Open Space and Agriculture Category
» Partnership Initiative of the Year
» People Initiative of the Year
» Program Innovation Award
» Recycling Award
» Renewable Energy Initiative of the Year
» Research Innovation Award
» Resource Management Award
» Sustainable Drainage & Flood Management Initiative of the Year
» Wastewater Collection System of the Year Award
» Water Company of the Year
» Water Performance Initiative of the Year
» Water Technology Company of the Year
» Innovation in Irrigation award
» Best Water Save Technology Award
» Water Save Farmer Award
» Outstanding contributions to water conservation or water saving in agriculture
» Significant Contribution to the Irrigation Industry
» Best manufacturers for drip irrigation products
» Best International Cooperation in Irrigation and Drainage
» Water management through Micro Irrigation
» Award for Significant Contribution in Micro Irrigation
» Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Water Efficiency
» CEO of the Year
» Lifetime Achievement Award
» Outstanding Individual Contribution to the Water Industry
» Water Champion Award
» Water Professional Award
» Young Water Professional Award