The increased pressure on the cities due to increased numbers of inhabitants, an increased necessity to generate economic growth and increasing environmental challenges leaves the cities in need to develop a sustainable way of living. This sustainability is developed through environmental sustainable solutions combined with a full use of the possibilities the digitalization of the society has given us. This means enabling the technology to gather data, which can be used by the technology itself in order to adapt to the most sustainable and smart behaviour. Enabling the technology to communicate, be able to share the gathered data with people or other technologies or borrow relevant data from elsewhere and make the technology multifunctional, they provide solutions to not only one, but to multiple problems. The Smart Cities Awards will recognize pioneering projects designed to make cities more livable, sustainable and economically viable. Businesses, entrepreneurs, research hubs, non-governmental organizations and public or private consortiums pitch their innovative smart city strategies and solutions to transform our cities in the field of technology, energy, governance, sustainability and mobility. Applicants are invited with impressive projects that use new innovative technology to engage citizens, increase efficiency, empower sustainability, generate business and improve quality of life.

Dr. R. L. Bhatia

With Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam, President Of The Republic Of Singapore At Singapore International Water Week 2016.

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Mayor Sally Ante Lee was born in Lapog, Ilocos Norte in 1942 where she spent most of her younger years before moving to Sorsogon in 1966 when she married the former Governor of the Province of Sorsogon, Hon. Raul R. Lee.
She is a Certified Public Accountant by profession but during the early stage of their marriage she opted to focus on being a hands-on mother to her three children and as first lady of the municipality where Atty. Raul Lee first served as Mayor.
At that time she was also very active in church and has been joining evangelization efforts. She was also doing outreach programs and services to communities.
She decided to enter the public service when she realized that she could do more for her people by becoming a leader. In 2001, she ran and was elected first City Mayor of Sorsogon.
She now holds the distinction of being the first ever lady Mayor since the creation of Sorsogon as a political unit in 1894 and of being the first City Mayor since the merger of the municipalities of Bacon and Sorsogon into one City.
She served as Mayor of Sorsogon City for two (2) consecutive terms; from 2001 until 2007.

In 2010, she became the first lady Governor of the province of Sorsogon.
In 2013, Mayor Sally returned as Mayor of Sorsogon City and carried on with her development agenda under a flagship program called HEARTS meaning Health, Environment, Agriculture, Rural Development, Tourism and Shelter. Initiatives were further introduced which led to the declaration of Sorsogon City as Character, Prolife, and Organic City.
In her second term as City Mayor, Mayor Sally is even more determined in pushing forward her agenda on healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, going organic, community-based tourism, good governance/participatory governance, and localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which she believes shall transform Sorsogon into a livable and sustainable City.
Mayor Sally is now a prominent figure in international forums, being invited to speak and share Sorsogon City’s experience in local governance particularly in anti-corruption practices, in climate change and disaster risk management, in migration and development, in the role of women in governance and women empowerment, in housing and resettlement, and in urban and sustainable development.
Recently she has been keen in putting Sorsogon in the global map for organic agriculture practices; particularly in promoting and enhancing the potentials of the local product, the “Pili” especially its elemi which she believes can be a good source of stable income to farmers, livelihood organizations, and local entrepreneurs.
She now leads a team that is devoted to aggressively implementing strategies to “Position Sorsogon as the Home of High Value Pili and Abaca Products”. Because of this, Sorsogon has recently been conferred a Silver Award by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia for its good governance efforts in boosting the City’s economy by opening more livelihood opportunities through the enhancement of the pili as well as other crops.

Despite all the commitments, she still finds way to deep dive in communities to personally interact with her people – truly, a passionate and dedicated Mother of her City, Sorsogon.

Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh


Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh

Chungha Cha


Chungha Cha

Cha has been in the finance industry for 20+ years (Citibank, Yasuda Trust Bank, Asian Merchant Bank and CEO of Lone Star Real Estate Funds Korea). And now, since 2008, Cha has been focused in the areas of green buildings and smart, sustainable cities. He co-founded Re-Imagining Cities Foundation to facilitate the convergence of “technology and real estate” to drive “smarter and greener” real estate developments. By working closely together with cities, local real estate developers, PropTech solution providers, and global investors in major cities around the world, we strive to accelerate smart cities by demonstrating that "smarter and greener” can be attained at attractive investment returns.

Cha serves as a Global Smart Cities Advisor to LG Electronics to help collaborate with real estate developers who want to build “greener & smarter” urban developments. Other positions currently held are:
• Smart Cities Advisor to the Andalucia Smart City Cluster, Spain
• Chair of Green Working Group, EU Chamber of Commerce in Seoul
• Vice Chair of the Korean Green Building Council, Seoul

Cha graduated Columbia Business School, MBA Degree 1985 (Majors in Accounting, Finance & Real Estate) and the Wharton School, BS in Economics Degree 1979 (Majors in International Finance & Computer Science)

Renato de Castro


Renato de Castro

Renato de Castro is a Smart City Expert. He is the ambassador of Smart Cities at the TM Forum from London, a member of the global advisory board at the NGO Leading Cities from Boston, and Volunteer Senior Adviser at International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United Nations information and telecommunications agency. He has accumulated over two decades of experience as a global executive within Asia, the Americas and Europe. He is fluent in 4 languages, and is a PhD candidate in Global Law at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Renato has visited more than 30 countries, lecturing about smart cities and advising governments on urban projects. Currently, he is based in Barcelona where he serves as CEO in a disruptive spinoff related to Smart Cities.

Rizwan Hussain


Rizwan Hussain

Rizwan Hussain is the Government Industry and Smarter Cities Leader for IBM's Middle East and Africa business. He leads IBM's vision, strategy and market development efforts for teams active in cities within the region. The delivery of citizen services and the integration of transport, water management, public safety, energy, social services, health and urban management are at the heart of IBM's Government industry initiative.

Over the past twenty years, Rizwan has built a successful international career working with clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. He is a seasoned industry executive and thought leader in the areas of cognitive government, digital transformation, citizen services, transportation, emergency management, water management and social welfare delivery. His depth of industry experience has seen him advise city leaders and elected officials on strategy development and project implementation as well as partner with private companies to deliver associated services. Prior to his current role, he has also held management and marketing roles. In addition, he has been part of the Leadership Development Program, Corporate Service Corps and Smarter Cities Challenge program at IBM.

Rizwan has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird in Arizona, USA. He also received leadership education from Harvard Business School, USA. Originally from Pakistan, he is currently based in Dubai with his wife and daughter.

Ron Zimmer CAE


Ron Zimmer CAE

Ron Zimmer President & CEO of CABA is committed to achieving the organization’s vision:

“CABA advances the connected home and intelligent buildings sectors.”

For more than twenty years with CABA, Mr. Zimmer has worked with a variety of industry leaders to promote and home/building automation throughout the world.

Ron’s works closely with the CABA Board of Directors, as well as with various industry committees/councils hosted by CABA, the Automation Federation Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board for IBcon, an intelligent buildings conference hosted by Realcomm.

He was instrumental in establishing the CABA XML and Web Services Committee (oBIX), which now resides with OASIS. He was also on the transition team that integrated the Internet Home Alliance into CABA, which became CABA’s Connected Home Research Council.

Ron is a Certified Association Executive with over 30 years of Association Management experience. He has authored a number of articles and documents including, “Smart Communities: A Concept Paper,” and he regularly makes presentations on integrated buildings and home/building automation at many international industry events.

Silje Bareksten


Silje Bareksten

Silje Bareksten is Oslo Business Regions head of Smart City. She has background in commercialization of technology and cutting edge research from leading science and technology environments in Norway and abroad. In addition to working with entrepreneurship, collaboration strategies and innovation management in the public sector, Silje has spent time at the knowledge transfer group at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and completed courses in space science with International Space University (ISU) and ESA, the European Space Agency. She has experience from finance, shipping and marketing, and has specialised in business development and strategic management. Today she is Head of Smart City in Oslo Business Region, utilising her broad background in and understanding of technology to support the city of Oslos positioning as a smart city. Silje works closely with the Oslo Start-up ecosystem, and is passionate about promoting Oslo startups and creating circular, smart and sustainable city models and solutions


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