ROLE PLAYERS 2018 - Dr. Oualid Ali

Dr. Oualid Ali

Director, Training and Smart Solutions Center TSSC at GUtech
Oman and President organization

Dr. Oualid is considered as one of the international well-recognized expert in the field of Smart, Sustainable and Future Cities. He has participated in several smart (future) cities projects as a researcher or as a consultant. He was involved in the planning and implementation of future cities in many domains such as Smart mobility and transportation, smart tourism and destination, smart energy, smart healthcare, smart logistics, smart waste management, smart parking, smart water management, smart education, smart security, smart policing and law enforcement, etc.

He has given several training and capacity building courses related to that field. Moreover, he is a member of several organizations related to the area of Smart Cities or Urban technologies. He has been invited in several occasions in local, regional and international events as a guest or keynote speaker in order to deliver talks about future cities and its domains. Also, he is very active in the field of innovation, open (social innovation) and entrepreneurship. Recently he founded the where he is the president