ROLE PLAYERS 2018 - Dr. Albana ILO

Dr. Albana ILO

Assistant Professor
Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical DrivesTU Wienbr>

Albana Ilo received the M.Sc. degree in power engineering from the University of Tirana, Albanian in 1985 and the Ph.D. in power engineering from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria in 1998. After completing their education, Dr. Ilo was with Siemens AG Austria, where she has successfully established the Distribution Network Analyses topic at the Development Centre Europe. She worked successfully as an expert in many research, development and implementation projects in distribution and transmission area, and was therefore promoted to Principal Key Expert Consultant.

Since October 2013, is she with TU Wien, Austria, where she invented the LINK-paradigm. She is the founder of Powersys-LINK and is developing and promoting the LINK-solution. In addition, Albana Ilo was increasingly as an independent expert reviewer near the EU commission, energy sector and contributes in different ETIP SNET working groups