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    The Global Green Future Leadership Awards is for any organization that participates in environmentally friendly or green activities to ensure that all processes, products, and manufacturing activities adequately address current environmental concerns while maintaining a profit. In other words, it is the Green Future that "meets the needs of the present world without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. It is the process of assessing how to design products that will take advantage of the current environmental situation and how well a company's products perform with renewable resources.

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Award Categories


  • Organizational
  • Individual
  • Process
  • Criteria


  • Best Green Organization of year
  • Best Green Management of year
  • Best Green Business Award
  • Best Green 4R's Award (Reduction, Reuse, Recycling & Recovery )
  • Best Green IT Award
  • Smart Municipality / Municipal Corporation Initiative
  • Best Environmental Innovation
  • Best Green Product Innovation
  • Best Recycling Product
  • Smart Waste Management Initiative
  • Waste to Energy Award
  • Best Waste Management Award
  • Food waste Recycles of the year Awards
  • Award for Best Renewable Resources Recycling
  • Best Green Food Service Retailer of the year
  • Best Sustainable Supply Award
  • Clean Technology
  • Best Innovative Technology
  • Best Environmental Friendly Project
  • Award for Best Eco Friendly Project
  • Eco –Green Project of the year
  • Best Green Supplier of year
  • Best Green Training Organization of Year
  • Best Innovative Project
  • Innovative Energy-Efficient Project
  • Environmental Best Practice Award
  • Best Marketing Camping
  • Best Sustainable Practice
  • Best Green In Hr Practices
  • Best Over all Performance in CSR
  • Best CSR Practices
  • Best Green Construction Award
  • Best Climate Change Award
  • Accounting for Climate Change
  • Best Green Infrastructure
  • Best Green Building
  • Best Green Design Awards
  • Best Upcoming Project
  • Project in Building Smart Cities
  • Green City Award
  • Smart Real Estate Project
  • Best Green Architecture Award
  • Best Green Hotel
  • Best Green Hospital Award
  • Best Use of Green in Health Care Sector
  • Best Initiative Green Campaign
  • Green Communications Campaign
  • Best Green Project Finance award
  • Most Successful Integrated Green System
  • Most Successful Integrated Renewable System
  • Sustained Excellence in Renewable Energy
  • Green Project Finance Innovation
  • Green System Integration Award
  • Best Green Excellence: Green
  • Best Green Excellence: Innovation
  • Best Green Excellence: Company
  • Best Green Excellence: Energy
  • Best Green Excellence: Sustainability
  • Award for Best Company for Sustainability
  • Best Green Excellence: Product
  • Best Green Tourism
  • Smart Energy Initiative
  • Award for Best Initiative in Green
  • Best use of renewable energy in the Public Sector
  • Best Green PR Award
  • Green Export of the Year
  • Best Green Employee Engagement Award
  • Best Green Telecom Award
  • Best Green Quality Award
  • Best Green Energy Saver Award
  • Smart Street Lighting Solutions
  • Best LED light of year
  • Best Green Light Awards
  • Best Quality in Green Product
  • Best Quality service driven
  • Award for Best Use of Six sigma in Green
  • Best Green Telecom Tower Infrastructure Services through Business Excellence
  • Best Business Excellence for Green Telecom Tower Infrastructure Services
  • Best use of CSR practices
  • Best water Management Practices
  • Best Green Technology Award

  • CEO of the year
  • CTO of the Year
  • Women Leader of the Year
  • The Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Green Entrepreneur of the years
  • Life time Achievement Award
  • Green Leadership of the Year

    The process entails of invitation of entries in different categories from various organizations. Organization is given the freedom to present the entry using their own creativity, knowledge & empirical data. The supporting with each entry may be of a different nature.


    Organizational Category: Each entry should be accompanied by write-up of not more than 2700 words excluding attachment; Profile of the company & Brochure; Media write-ups & Interviews as annexure.

    Individual Category: Each entry should be accompanied by personal profile of nominated person; Achievements; Awards & Accolades received; Media Coverage; Articles published; Photographs & any other relevant details.

    (The Jury will evaluate each entry & will decide on winners. The decision of the Jury is final & binding)

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